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The guys up at Solo Skiff central tend to call their new craft a “motorized kayak on steroids”. An apt name but I prefer to think of it as the silent answer to that nagging question I always had on those days when I REALLY wanted to just go fishing and not hassle with the energy and time of rowing out and rowing back.

There are days when deep down inside you need some space. Space where there is just you, the water, and the quiet lapping noises as your boat slowly but surely brings the sanity back to your world – Days where you just cannot get to “that place” quick enough.

Those days, especially those days, begs for the Solo Skiff. Its hardy kayak inspired roto-molded hull will give you years of great use while the clean open deck design and storage compartment offer lots of storage space.

And on to the fun part, the motor options. You can slap up to a 5 Horsepower motor on this thing! Wow… Even I am not sure I need to get out there that fast, well, maybe I do.

The transom is SOLID by design eliminating any problems over the years due to stress of the motor. The hull is made in a two step process. There is a hard outer shell giving great rigidity and a second hard inner lining offering even more ruggedness and buoyancy.

And did you see that color? Awesome. Stop by West Coast Kayaks & Paddle Boards and see this incredible boat. Here are some more teaser pics for you.


  • Length 14'5"
  • Width 41"
  • Capacity 400 Lbs
  • Max. Hp 5Hp
  • Power Outboard / Electric
  • Construction Polyethylene
  • Weight 150 Lbs


  • The 5/3.5HP motors are purchased separately from the skiff
  • 16-18 mph with a 5 hp
  • 5 hp comes with an added external gal tank
  • range with 5 hp is about 5 miles per quart of fuel
  • 10-13 mph with a 3.5 hp
  • 3.5 hp comes with a 1/3 gal (1.1 liter) internal tank
  • This craft is just plain fast