Solo Skiff Overview

Solo Skiff Overview

The Solo is hybrid fishing machine that combines the best features of stand up paddleboards, kayaks, and power skiffs into a fishing work horse like no other.… with more ways to fish that you can imagine, more dry storage than any kayak, and even has a built in insulated cooler (that can also be used as a livewell/dry storage) …yes – that’s Solo Skiff!

A fishing kayak that will leave other kayaks in the wakes as you explore new areas, and no more paddling to get there! You can fish and explore for miles, getting there in minutes instead of hours. When you get there, paddle the hull like an S.U.P. if you prefer or paddle it with a kayak paddle, its easy on a Solo Skiff.

Its like fishing on a kayak, but like an S.U.P. as well, however with the advantage of lots of inner hull storage, as well as a built in cooler than can serve as even more dry storage. Add to this bungee tie downs that add even more to its on deck storage.

When it comes to fishing, Solo Skiff is a machine. Fishing is where you learn what the Solo is really about. See, with a Solo Skiff you head out to fish but do not have to paddle. Once you get to one of your spots, you can then paddle around short distances as in a typical kayak . The engine takes the burden of long distance traveling away, yet Solo Skiffs hull design still lets you move around easily with a SUP paddle, kayak paddle, or a push pole. 
So whether you troll for musky,bass fish, or flats fish, you’re covered. Solo Skiff is pure fishing- no matter the quarry!
When it comes to standing and fishing, it was designed for it. Want a stable boat to fish- you found it ! Because the boat is propelled with an outboard motor it is wider than a normal paddle craft and because of this, you get the kayak on steroids-very stable. Standing is a piece of cake. There are no foot wells, pedals in the cockpit area. Stand up, sit, kneel down, get into storage…whatever you want- there is nothing in the way. Want hands off fishing ? Solo Skiff with a trolling motor is a hands off dream. Stand, or sit, and pound the banks all day, the design of the Solo keeps the trolling motor tiller right there, easy to use, its amazing.

Solo Skiff comes with the grab rail in the rear for handling and safety. The Solo has 2 built in rod tubes, that are sealed to keep water from getting in the hull, that allow you to store 9 foot fly rods in your boat, protected. You can load up a Solo with as many optional accessories as you want- keep it simple or load it up. There are so many ways to rig it – that’s why we don’t overload it with you can do it your way. The Solo has the storage hatch you sit on that opens up to allow you to store a TON of stuff BUT it also allows you to easily reach in, and install hardware like no other craft. You can through bolt hardware and actually look inside the boat easily and see what your doing. This allows an amazing ease of rigging and adding hardware you just can't easily do on a yak. The Solo Skiff has an optional deck port that can be installed on the front deck – this allows even more storage and customization like plumbing of the cooler for a livewell or anchor / cast net storage…its just crazy what all you can do with the Solo
Now think about safety.The Solo Skiffs deck can’t trap water. What does this mean? This gives you peace of mind. No worries about swamping or sinking the boat, you can't. Water from a wave runs right out in seconds as there is nothing keeping water in the deck. We at Solo Skiff firmly believe in safety and we have done everything to make the Solo the safest one man craft made- period. See the pictures of it’s testing – try that in your kayak!

The Solo is easily loaded and launched right out of your truck! Some guys like trailers – no problem, its easy to put it on a small trailer – whatever your preference, it's easy. 
Get yours now and discover the world of Solo Skiff –  Empower your fishing

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