Rental Pricing

Best kayak and SUP paddle board rental deals in the area! We do not charge by the hour, we charge by the day! Enjoy the ENTIRE day for the same price the other guys charge for a couple of hours. Rent it for the day or keep it overnight, it’s the same price!

Standard Kayak Rentals - $50

Single or tandem Splash I, Splash II Tandem, Ocean MalibuTwo XL Tandem

Premium Kayak Rentals - $75

 Splash II Fisher, MalibuTwo XL Fisher, Big Game 2 (Fisher)

Premium - High End

$150 NuCanoe Frontier 12 w/ one seat | $175 for 2 seats

$200 Predator PDl (pedal kayak)

Standard SUP – $50

Bic, Glide

Premium SUP rentals - $75

Pau Hana, Bic Wing, Malibu Touring, Riviera

Saturday SUPER Special rentals Saturday through Monday a.m. (Limited Deliveries on Saturdays)

Kayaks & Stand Up Paddle Boards - $75

Premium Stand Up Paddle Boards - $125

Predator PDL - $300

ALL RENTALS COME WITH PADDLES, LIFE VEST AND WHISTLE We rent out the same brands we sell in the store. This means you get a QUALITY rental – The Good Stuff. Pick up and delivery is $25.