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Old Town Next Canoe


The NEXT represents the future of paddling, with over a century of expertise poured into one truly amazing watercraft. Built for one, designed for all, it provides a fun, unique solo experience for the NEXT generation of paddlers. The NEXT will be one of the most comfortable paddles you will ever experience. Boasting a high weight capacity and a super sleek design, this canoe slices right through the water effortlessly. To top all that off, it has enough open storage space to really load up for a long day, weekend, or even week of camping and canoeing. You will not be disappointed with this canoe!!


  • Activity - Recreation
  • Style - Hybrid
  • Number of Paddlers - 1
  • Material - Three Layer Polyethylene
  • Length - 13'
  • Width - 29 in
  • Depth - 11.5 in
  • Weight - 59 lb
  • Weight Capacity - 450 lb
  • Bottom Shape - Flat


  • Design incorporates both canoe and kayak characteristics for fun, remarkably easy and natural paddling experience
  • Ideal for both double-bladed and single-bladed paddles
  • Pronounced tumblehome and lower profile for easier paddling
  • 3-layer hull features subtle rocker for straight, smooth tracking
  • Removable Element Seating System offers enhanced comfort and performance
  • Support Track Foot Brace System