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Pedal Cat 13

By Enjoy Kayaks

New for 2018 Enjoy Kayaks introduces the Pedal cat 13’. Why Paddle when you can pedal? The Pedal Cat line has a 10:1 gear ratio that makes pedaling effortless. Transition from forward to reverse in mere seconds without having to stop what you’re doing, making this series of boats perfect for anglers and recreational kayakers alike! Let the Enjoy Pedal Cat 13’ take you where you want to go! The Pedal Cat 13 is the perfect kayak for anglers and recreational paddlers alike. This incredibly versatile watercraft has an adjustable captain’s chair style seat that allows the rider to slide forwards or backwards so you can find the perfect positioning for your legs and feet, no matter your size! The seat itself is framed in such a way that provides maximum upper and lower back support, allowing you  to stay comfortable for longer durations on the water. As with all Enjoy Kayaks, you have a great tracking hull and superior stability. On the list of standard features are flush mount rod holders and hatches with storage containers. As and added bonus, receive two paddle straps and a full set of scupper plugs. You’re going to need a paddle, so it comes with one, all of which is included in the price so you can get out there and Enjoy kayaking today


  • Length- 13'
  • Width- 33"
  • Weight- 105 Lbs
  • Capacity- 550 Lb


  • Adjustable aluminum framed seat
  • Large front hatch
  • Large rear round hatch
  • 3 flush mount rod holders
  • Paddle carrier strap
  • Rudder
  • Pedal Drive with 10:1 gear ratio
  • 5 year pedal drive warranty