Kayaks Overview

Kayaks Overview

Kayaks come in many different designs.

The basic difference between kayaks is whether you sit inside a cockpit, with your legs and hips surrounded by the boat, or whether you simply sit on top of a hull.

Most river kayaks are sit-insides, but if recreational coastal boating is what you’re aiming for, sit-on-top kayaks are the ideal choice, especially in the warm Florida climate.

We specialize in sit-on-top because of our warm climate and also because sit-on-tops are easy to get on and off, even in deep water.  Sit inside models should be boarded in shallow water or on land.


We are proud to introduce an ALL NEW series of kayaks from Old Town!  This is the Topwater series which includes their pedal version.  Watch the video on the left to learn more:


West Coast Kayaks is proud to introduce another new line of kayaks into our store. The new Enjoy Kayaks provide a wide range of kayaking styles; from relaxing on 2 stadium seats in a tandem to playing in the surf on an 8 1/2 ft single! 

There are 7 kayaks in this line, 2 tandems and 5 singles.

Starting from the smaller options, we have the Surfer at 8'6" this lightweight kayak (only 39 lbs) is easy to move around both in water and on land for storage. This is also a great option for those in condos where size is crucial.

Next up, we have the Key West; at 8'10" still very easy storage, while providing more kayak for storage and capacity!

Up to more of our fishing models, we have the Bonito, Bay 12 and the Redfish 13. 

The Bay 12 is just the right size to load and unload solo, giving you plenty of kayak both for capacity and storage but also a very wide body to allow the rider to stand up and do some sight casting. It accomplishes all this and still remains true to the simpistic kayak fishing.

The Redfish 13 takes it to a whole other level, adding in a rudder system to help steer while drifting in the flats, an enormous storage area in the front which doubles as a cooler for your catch, and plenty of options for accessories.

Red Fisher 13 Dual Rainbow Background

The Bonito is in a league of its own!  At 9'2" it has an aluminum-framed, stadium style seat, giving the paddler maximum comfort while out on the water!

For our tandem models, we have the Key Largo 12'2", and the Cruiser 13'.

The Key Largo is packaged with 2 deluxe thermo-formed seats for a very comfortable ride, and comes with 2 10 in storage hatches, along with 4 flush mount rod holders.

And Last but certainly not least, we have our most comfortable tandem package; the Cruiser 13, coming with 2 stadium style seats, several rod holder mounting locations, 2 large rectangular storage hatches, and a flat and wide open deck to maximize open space and even to accomodate a dog.

Come on in to the store to check out these new kayaks!!!



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Key Largo 12'2"
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