Micro Power Pole

  • $898.00
*Please note, shipping is not available for Kayaks and Paddleboards. In store pickup only.

Micro Power Pole


Big power in a small package.

When you're getting up close and personal on the water in your small vessel, there's nothing better to have on-board than the Power-Pole Micro. This little anchor system offers up big stopping power with a silent and secure hold. Proof that big things come in small packages, the all-electric Micro is ultra-compact and designed to deliver while you're fishing in your small craft.

Power-Pole Micro Anchor hold Jon boats and small skiffs up to 1500 lbs (including passengers) Perfect for kayaks and paddle boards. Micro driver unit is easily-removable making storage or transfer to other vessels simple. Includes adjustable mounting bracket. Other mounting options available. Includes 15 ft power cable for 12v battery or if no on-board battery is available, add the Micro Battery Pak & Charger (sold separately) and go wherever adventure takes you.

8' pole = $100

Micro Power-Pole Battery = $199

Micro Power-Pole Head Unit = $599



Compatible with the Kaku Wahoo and Kaku Kahuna



  • Total weight: 7.5lbs without clamp, 11.5lbs with clamp
  • Two button Key Fob: Included
  • Boat Size Recommended boat size: up to 1500lbs total weight including persons, motor and gear
  • Deployment Speed: Fast, Med, Slow
  • Deployment depth: Approximately 8ft with Power-Pole Micro Spike
  • Mounting footprint: 5 in W x 6 in H
  • Power supply: 12V "Stealth" 60 Watt low RPM high torque electric motor.
  • Operating system: C-Monster Control System