Optima Deep Cycle Battery

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OPTIMA® BLUETOP® D34M Ultra high-performance SPIRALCELL TECHNOLOGY® AGM (absorbent glass mat) dual-purpose battery for marine and RV. BLUETOP® has three times the cycling capability (rechargeability) with ultimate cranking power for your boat or RV in a maintenance-free package. Perfect for multiple high-demand accessories and trolling motors with 15 times the vibration resistance and lighter weight. Lower internal resistance provides more efficient power output and faster recharges.

If you are looking for a deep-cycle group 24 or 34 battery for boat or RV, this is the one for you.

The OPTIMA® model number for this battery is D34M. If you are replacing an OPTIMA® battery you already have, this model is the same as batteries marked 8016-103, 9016-103, 27934, D34M-950, BLUED34, 12854, SC34DM, or N99D34MBLUE.


  • Battery Model: D34M
  • Part Number: 8016-103
  • NSN: 6140 01 475 9355
  • UPC Code: 8 11405 00103 1
  • Performance Data
  • Cold Cranking Amps: 750
  • Cranking Amps: 870
  • Nominal Voltage: 12 volts
  • Open Circuit Voltage (fully charged): 13.1 volts
  • Internal Resistance (fully charged): 0.0028 ohms
  • Capacity: 55 Ah (C/20)
  • Reserve Capacity: BCI: 120 minutes (25 amp discharge, 80°F (26.7°C), to 10.5 volts cut-off)
  • Physical Characteristics
  • Plate Design:
  • High purity lead-tin alloy. Wound cell configuration utilizing proprietary
  • Electrolyte:
  • Sulfuric acid, H2SO4
  • Case: Polypropylene
  • Case Color: Light Gray
  • Cover Color: “OPTIMA“ Blue
  • Group Size: BCI: 34
  • Post Type: Dual SAE & 5/16 Stainless Stud
  • Weight: 43.5 lb
  • Length: 10.06 in
  • Width: 6.88 in
  • Height: 7.94 in
  • Power
  • CCA (BCI 0°F): 750 amps
  • MCA (BCI 32°F): 870 amps
  • Recommended Charging
  • The following charging methods are recommended to ensure a long battery life:
  • (Always use a voltage regulated charger with voltage limits set as described below.)
  • Model: D34M
  • These batteries are designed for starting and deep cycle applications and for use in vehicles with large accessory loads.
  • Recommended Charging Information
  • Alternator: 13.65 to 15.0 volts
  • Battery Charger: 13.8 to 15.0 volts; 10 amps maximum; 6-12 hours approximate
  • Float Charge: 13.2 to 13.8 volts; 1 amp maximum; (indefinite time at lower voltages)
  • Rapid Recharge (Constant voltage charger): Maximum voltage 15.6 volts. No current limit as long as battery temperature remains below 125°F (51.7°C). Charge until current drops below 1 amp
  • Cyclic or Series String Applications::
  • 14.7 volts. No current limit as long as battery temperature remains below 125°F (51.7°C). When current falls below 1 amp, finish with 2 amp constant current for 1 hour.
  • All limits must be strictly adhered to.


  • Both dual-purpose and starting applications available
  • Up to three times more recharges
  • More than 15 times the vibration resistance
  • Completely spillproof, mountable in virtually any position
  • Maintenance-free
  • Optimal starting power (Dual purpose and starting applications available)