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3" D.O.A Shrimp


Are you looking for a soft bait that has proven itself to be effective? The D. O. A. Shrimp Lure is the gold standard of artificial lures and has proven itself for everything from bass tournaments in freshwater to red fish tournaments in saltwater. These soft baits are designed to mimic shrimp and come rigged and weighted so that you're ready to go the moment you hit the water. The D.O.A. Shrimp Lure is available in a variety of colors to suit your fishing needs.


  • Casts Further And Has A Faster Drop Rate Than It's Little Brother
  • Ideal For Throwing With Plug Gear Or In Windy Conditions, The 3"-4" Lives Up To The Reputation Of All D.O.A. Products
  • Flavored With Brine Shrimp