ZOOKA Tube by YakAttack



Zooka 3 in 1 Rod Holder $ 49.50

The YakAttack Zooka Tube Deck Mount gives you the ability to carry either a casting rod and reel or a spinning rod and reel, all in one unique rod holder. Simply loosen the turn dial on the side of the YakAttack Zooka Tube Deck Mount and rotate the tube to fit the style of rod and reel you chose to bring with you that day. The 6″ post arm raises the YakAttack Zooka Tube high up off the deck of your kayak allowing clearance for longer rod butts. Both ends of the YakAttack Zooka Tube Deck Mount offer the ability to lock your rod/reel into place so you have the piece of mind that you will not loose your rod/reel while paddling or even while trolling. The included deck mount features a plunger style release that allows for a quick removal of the YakAttack Zooka Tube Deck Mount whenever you want to take it off.

Designed for spinning reels and casting reels
Includes plunger style deck mount
Various positions to allow the perfect rod placement
Locks both spinning and casting rods/reels into place for security
Mounting hardware not included