Kayaks Overview

Kayaks Overview

Kayaks come in many different designs.

The basic difference between kayaks is whether you sit inside a cockpit, with your legs and hips surrounded by the boat, or whether you simply sit on top of a hull.

Most river kayaks are sit-insides, but if recreational coastal boating is what you’re aiming for, sit-on-top kayaks are the better choice, especially in the warm Florida climate.

We specialize in sit-on-top because of our warm climate and also because sit-on-tops are easy to get on and off, even in deep water.  Sit inside models should be boarded in shallow water or on land.

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Did You Know?

All kayaks can be used for fishing by just adding rod holders and other fishing accessories, but those available in our store are made especially for fishing, and come rigged and ready to go. Their weight capacity is also higher than a simple cruising kayak, allowing for more stability while pulling at that fish!


We sell the best kayaks for fishing and cruising; NuCanoes, Solo Skiffs, Old Town and Splash Xtreme Fisher Kayaks.  With accessories ranging from paddles to kayak and paddleboard fishing gear, the many paddling enthusiasts in the Tampa Bay Area, including St. Petersburg, Clearwater, St. Pete Beach, Pinellas Park, Seminole, Madeira Beach, Reddington Beach, North Reddington, Sarasota, Hillsborough, Pinellas, Treasure Island, Tierra Verde, Bradenton and more surrounding areas flock to the store!


We even ship nationally!

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Includes an Ocean comfort plus seat and a paddle!

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3 colors

Includes 2 West Coast Deluxe seats, 2 paddles, 2 lifejackets and whistles!

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